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Joe Louis

Heavyweight Champion of the World - 1937-1949
Record: 68 Wins, 3 Losses, 0 Draws - 54 KOs

Joe Louis, an American Hero and Icon, is maybe the top fighter in boxing history. He made his professional debut in 1934 and rang up 68 victories, mostly by raining knee-buckling, withering blows while registering 54 knockout wins.

During his long boxing career (1934-1951) Joe Louis lost just three bouts. His first loss came when he was just 22-years old and it made worldwide headline news in 1936, when he was knocked out by former heavyweight champion Max Schmeling of Germany and the Nazis equated Schmeling's win over Louis to a validation of Nazi superiority over democracy. One year later, Louis fought and knocked out James J. Braddock in the 8th round to become the champion of the world.

In 1938, challenged by Nazi Germany, Louis responded and met Schmeling in a rematch in New York City. From the opening bell, Louis proceeded to deliver non-stop lefts-and-rights to Schmeling's head and knocked him out in the very first round - and free countries around the world celebrated the victory for democracy. After the second fight Joe Louis successfully defended his title by knocking out both Tony Galento in 1939 and Bill Conn in 1941.

During World War II, Louis along with baseball legend Babe Ruth became heroes for their war efforts. Louis gave numerous inspirational speeches to the young men of America and helped the military with recruiting. After the war, in defense of his World Crown, Louis Nicknamed the 'Brown Bomber' met Billy Conn in a rematch, and kayoed him in the 8th round. Louis then beat Hall of Fame boxing great Jersey Joe Walcott twice in succession and then retired as Champion of the World after successfully defending his crown 25 times.

In 1950, Joe Louis returned to the ring, but his comeback attempt resulted in just his second career loss - a 15-round decision to new champion Ezzard Charles. After knocking out Lee Savold in a none title bout, Louis, now 37-years old, was knocked out in the 8th round in a world championship match by Rocky Marciano in 1951 and Louis then retired permanently. He was elected to the Boxing Hall of Fame three years later.


Where There Is No Wood, The Fire Goes Out, So Where There Is No Talebearer, History Ceases

Jake La Motta

Middle Weight Champion of the World 1949-1950
Record: 83 Wins, 19 Losses, 4 Draws... 30 Kos

An aggressive, street-style fighter, Jake La Motta whaled on his opponents with a series of hard punches and his fights with Sugar Ray Robinson all through the 1940s and early '50s created sensational headline news. He was the first fighter to beat Sugar Ray Robinson.

Jake La Motta won the middleweight championship by scoring a 10-round TKO over Marcel Cerdan in 1949, and then defended his crown when he kayoed Laurent Dauthuille in '50, before losing to Sugar Ray Robinson in '51.

Sugar Shane Mosley

His pure physical skills enable him to reign as Welterweight Champion

Professional Debut: Feb 11, 1993
Record: 36-0 including 33 Knockouts (record at the time)
Born Sept/7/1971 in Lynwood, California USA

April 1, 2001... by staff@boxinghistorian.com

In Depth Analysis:

Rates as one of the best ever lightweight and welterweight champion.

Mosley's pure physical skills and counter-punching speed has stopped quite a few of his opponents 'dead in their tracks.' He's a brash performer and a disciplined boxer and, sticks to the game plan and, is not afraid to come-after anyone.

Sugar Shane Mosley was the IBF Lightweight Champion from August 2, 1997-to- April 17, 1999 and became the World Boxing Welterweight Champion on June 17, 2000. His most impressive bout to date was his compelling win over Oscar De La Hoya when in the middle rounds, Mosley delivered a series of alternating left jabs and right crosses to the jaw. ESPN2 TV's Ringside announcer Teddy Atlas states:

"Mosley's speed, combination punching, and amateur background allow him to be confident and relaxed. Technically he very sound, and that enables him to take his natural ability further than most.... Let's face it, in most fights, Mosley's the sole focus of the fans and the media."

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